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You simply cannot hide the truth. You may try to hide or suppress the facts, but you cannot finish them. Anabolic steroids and its rampant use, is one such fact, which we cannot deny, but are trying to turn a blind eye to.

Anabolic steroids are without doubts banned in most sports, but there are certain sports where the use is rampant like bodybuilding, men and women physique competitions, or powerlifting. But the worse effected are the fitness centres or the gyms. The use in certain gyms is so rampant, that the moment a newbie enters, he is looked upon like a walking ATM. Due to wrong guidance and greed of the coaches, guys as young as 16-18 are pushed into steroids. These youngsters are shown the rosy picture like an amazing world class physique in a very short time, and lured in to spend money on these anabolics. On the other hand, they are scared by the fact, that they will never be able to achieve anything worthwhile if they don’t use anabolics.

Many such youngsters have come to me for advice, and in most cases they are in a lot of stress. That’s because somewhere they know it’s wrong, but they are so badly entangled by the strict and false aura the stupid coaches have created that they feel helpless and stuck. Two of such guys came to me, one of them I have interviewed in the video. These guys really were tensed, not only because of the anabolics they have taken without any visible results, that too at an age of 20years; but also, the coach had taken literally lakhs of rupees from them in the name of medicines, without even telling them what crap is he giving them. On top of that, he was after them to shell out more money, and this was the time they called it quits.

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Giving anabolics without names, most of them simply fake; at prices which are five to ten times the cost, and a lot of such malpractices are common today in the gyms. When these youngsters came to me, they had a pathetic base strength, and could hardly lift weights. I literally had to pull them under my guidance, and it’s been three years and they haven’t touched any form of anabolic steroids till date.

There are majorly two reasons why youngsters take anabolics. First is to get ready for bodybuilding or physique competition, or any other sporting event, specially where there is no testing by the anti-doping agencies. Secondly, it is to look smarter and more muscular, in order to attract the opposite sex, for which we have genetically evolved. This is a built in mechanism in our bodies. The single aim of the humans from the evolution stand point is to reproduce, and getting physically fit and strong is a way to make sure that they get the right female to mate with and thus the reproduction process continues.

But the problem is the vicious cycle the person gets into when he opts for the steroids. Once he takes anabolics, of course he would see a massive change in strength in the body. He would be able to lift heavier and for longer time. There is an increase in fat loss, and many such desirable changes happen. But these are not permanent changes, and once he is off anabolics, he loses his confidence as he sees his muscle size decreasing and fat percentage increasing, so he wants to go back the same road, again and again, more frequently and taking a higher dose every time, thus increasing the chances to side-effects accordingly. At this age, the mental strength is not enough to control oneself and understand what’s right or wrong, that is why a true coach or mentor is required.

So, be very careful. Rome was not built in a day. no world class physique or champion did anything overnight. It took years of hardwork and toil to get to the level they are at. Nothing worthwhile in the world can be achieved without the blood, sweat and tears, absolutely nothing.

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